Graduation project. 

The Random press tool is created in an effort to bring two colliding parts of design together, mechanical manufacturing and the artisanal craft of making unique pieces. 

By letting chance to be a part of my process I try to come to new insights and ensure that both I and the spectator keep being surprised.

At the same time it's a bit of a critical play on towards modern day design, in which I see more and more designers take away any form of human contact or presence from their products. For instance, by taking away any possibility for failure using technologies like 3D printing and digital modeling. By designing a possibility and an environment, rather then a complete shape beforehand, I trie to let the machine put in the human presence, in the form of chance, and take away my own preferences.

With the use of three randomly generated numbers the Random Press Tool makes vases out of cast wax. The three numbers are entered on the machine and are each assigned to one of the three levels around the vase. The machine forms the numbers in to a code that causes the two arms on each level both to know what distance they must push. These arms then press a cylinder of cast wax in to a randomly generated sculptural form.

Each vase is unique and should be treated with care.


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